14 Sep 2021

Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

I have written and rewritten the introduction to this blog at least 6 or 7 times. The “problem”, if you will, has been I want to say so much BUT the above encapsulates all of it, simply and concisely. The other things will come in time.

So, why Rimo3? It's simple really. Applications are critical to organizations. They are the conduits for employees to do their work and now, more than ever, where, and how those applications are delivered and accessed is more varied than ever before. There are also more versions of Windows, both client, and server, than ever before.  Determining what applications work with which operating system can be tedious and time-consuming. Is an application multi-user aware or capable? And let’s not forget application and operating system updates and the potential of something breaking. In the past, consistent testing has been difficult and time-consuming and that’s putting it nicely. 

Rimo3 allows administrators to streamline and automate this testing so you, the administrator, can be proactive in fixing application issues rather than reactive.

What will I be doing? I have been tasked with three objectives:

1.     Be the product, customer, and partner advocate

2.     Help ensure customer success

3.     Develop and deliver technical content

I will be doing the whole demonstrations, webinars, user groups, conferences thing as you’d expect but I will also be reaching out to the community, customers, partners, and prospects not just to talk about the product but to delve into your experiences with application and operating system updates, what would you find valuable and so, so much more.

You will be seeing more technical content through blogs and videos where I will delve into the product and use cases. Do you want to know more about a particular feature or function? I’ll break it down for you. I also hope to record talks with the internal teams and, hopefully, customers and partners as well. Delivering insights not just about our product but application delivery and management as well.

In the end, it is my belief that, until now, application testing, for the most part, has been pushed to the side due to the difficulty in getting them tested. Whether it is getting an environment set up, getting application owners or users to do the testing or any other number other factors, testing is usually done while planning for a major operating system update or the application has a big update that needs to happen. What if you could do testing simply and efficiently and on a regular basis? How much lost time and productivity is there when a Windows Update breaks an application or a new version of an application is pushed and causes issues? We have all been there and it is never, ever a fun situation to be in.

I am so excited to start this journey and I hope you will be there right along with me!

When I first reconnected with Jeff at the AVD community user group, I could see his excitement around the problem that we were trying to solve with our platform. Having been in a subject matter expert EUC space for so long, Jeff’s eagerness to bring his expertise to Rimo3 was a fantastic validation for what we are doing - and an even more exciting sign for for our customers/ partners on what’s to come!

Samit Halvadia - CTO at Rimo3

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