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31 May 2022

30 Minutes to Comprehensive App Testing Results with Rimo3

30 Minutes to Comprehensive App Testing Results with Rimo3

Automation is vital for every IT organization. Is automating application testing and packaging part of your strategy?

Few virtual desktop deployments have vanilla application requirements, such as only Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Realistically, virtual desktops typically require a dozen or more apps in order to provide value for users.

  • Will the apps work on Windows 11?
  • Will the apps work on a multi-user operating system?
  • Can the apps be packaged into an MSIX?

Getting answers to these three simple questions can take several hours or days via traditional methods, but with Rimo3’s automation technology, this entire process can be accomplished in about 30 minutes. To clarify, admin time is 5-10 minutes per application, and the “automagic” processes run without admin intervention and typically take about 20 minutes. The other approach Rimo3 offers to cut down on the initial admin time further is to leverage the out of the box integration with Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM) This will automate the onboarding of all your applications under management and reduce the total time to produce the informative results of the process.

Manual testing, on the other hand, requires significant admin time. An admin can reasonably be expected to create the virtual machine(s), install media and reboot in the time that Rimo3 can complete the entire process.

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Manual Testing

Manual application testing is laden with numerous complexities. With the shortage of IT talent, finding technical staff to address application testing is a challenge. If external consultants can be found, the work effort will be expensive and take a considerable amount of time. Then consider the cost and time of repeating the same testing process for each major patch release. This is one of the reasons most organizations average 45 days to implement updates.

With many enterprises migrating to Windows 11, testing applications for 1:1 user to operating system functionality is fairly straightforward and similar to Windows 10. Nonetheless, apps should be tested to ensure compatibility – especially compatibility with your unique enterprise build configurations.

Multi-user operating systems, as is available via Azure Virtual Desktops, bring a multitude of potential issues and thus requires in-depth testing. Many applications were not designed to run under a multi-user operating system. For example, if an app is hard coded to retrieve user licensing or other data based on entries within the HK Local Machine hive, a conflict will occur, causing the app to fail. Migrating to a multi-user operating system requires substantial app testing when manual processes are used.

Once apps have been deemed successful, packaging apps into MSIX format is preferred for AVD whenever possible. MSIX enables key AVD features like App Attach. Rimo3 will automatically create the MSIX and retest the package against all key compatibility metrics.

Finally, documentation should be created showing details of the tests that were performed, issues encountered, and other results. Rimo3 provides comprehensive reporting on all testing and performance results.

This entire process for manual testing and packaging each application under ideal conditions may take as little as a few hours, but a more realistic timeline is a few days.

Picture1-3Rimo3’s Automation to the Rescue!

Getting started with Rimo3 is super easy. With just a few clicks, applications can be tested for migration suitability based on operating system, AVD suitability including multi-user functionality, and ability to modernize the application installation file into an MSIX.

Best of all, testing and packaging each app can be performed in about 30 min total. Of those 30 minutes, about 5-10 minutes is actual admin time and the remainder is hands-off automation. The most complex aspect of the Rimo3 process is bundling the app media file(s) into a .zip file and uploading the file;  Rimo3 has standardized on .zip files to minimize size. This effort is required if the applications are not under SCCM management.

For example, below is a report showing the results of testing the Bloomberg app, wherein the operating system tests, including multi-user, took a whole 13:02 minutes.



Note that all three tests, i.e., Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 11 multi-user were performed in parallel as confirmed by the time stamps.

Of course, not all apps are successful. Rimo3 allows an admin to view the console data as well as screen shots detailing where the failure occurred so that remediation can be addressed.


Because Rimo3 app testing is automated, there are no deviations to the process. Once apps have been tested, management and functionality reports can be quickly generated.

Manual vs. Automation App Testing

Applications are an integral aspect of every virtual desktop deployment, and testing is a critical project task. Would you rather spend many hours and days manually testing and packaging each application or would you prefer just a few clicks via Rimo3’s automation system? Even the best SME’s will make mistakes when performing long term, repetitive tasks – why waste their expertise on something that can be easily and effectively automated?


Josh Travers

Sr Director WW Customer Success

Josh has over 15 years of enterprise software experience ranging from Presales Engineering to Customer Success leadership roles. Josh has spent his career building and leading teams to support and deliver a broad spectrum of technologies within their respective markets. Including the likes of Embarcadero Technologies, Citrix, and most recently Cherwell Software. A goal-oriented leader with a proven track record, Josh has a hyper-focus and passion for proving business value through innovative technologies.

Josh resides in Toronto, Canada where he is a devoted local sports fan. Like the variety of technologies, Josh also participates in many sports of his own in his free time.


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