23 Sep 2020

Appceler8 to partner with Rimo3 for Cloud Platform

Appceler8 to partner with Rimo3 for Cloud Platform

Partner Announcement 22 September

  • Boost the acceleration of your Windows Virtual Desktop experience with the most efficient MSIX transformation platform ever to be released. Appceler8 partners with Rimo3 to help customers rapidly modernize and manage applications at scale to support Azure migration.
  • Appceler8 customers will have direct access to Rimo3 Cloud (launching October 2020) providing deployment ready MSIX packages for physical, virtual, or cloud-based workspaces. And, the technology to manage and keep up with continuous change.
  • Rimo3 Cloud leverages automation to deliver deployment-ready and fully tested MSIX packages in 18 minutes (on average per application, vs. 2-4 weeks manual). Double the success rate for conversion and remediation achieved against traditional tooling, including Microsoft’s own MSIX conversion tool.


To find out more about how Rimo3 and Appceler8 partner together, connect with the team >

“Our customers are increasingly turning to Windows Virtual Desktop as they turn to remote work environments. With solutions like Rimo3’s application modernization platform, organizations can easily onboard applications into their environments, proactively understand the impact of changes, and roll out new applications and updates with minimal user interruptions.”

– Kam VedBrat, General Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop at Microsoft

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