13 Sep 2021

Former FSLogix exec joins the Rimo3 team as CRO to support growth and market expansion

Former FSLogix exec joins the Rimo3 team as CRO to support growth and market expansion

After my initial conversations with Mike, Samit, and others inside Rimo3, I could tell straight away that this team has a deep understanding of applications, and furthermore, how to help organizations successfully deploy their most business-critical apps. Oftentimes, the apps are the last thing that organizations consider when moving to virtual and cloud-based environments. A simple “lift & shift” rarely works. Rimo3 makes it easy to assess, modernize and manage apps across physical, virtual, and cloud-based desktops – and that’s no small task!

Andy Tynes, Chief Revenue Officer at Rimo3

Rimo3 is excited to announce that Andy Tynes is joining us as our Chief Revenue Officer, commencing his role from 13 September 2021. Andy will have responsibility for sales, alliances & partnerships worldwide. 

Andy Tynes shares with Mike Welling, Rimo3 President & CEO some of his experience and ultimately why he has decided to join the Rimo3 family. 

Mike: Andy, as you know we are very excited to have you as a new Rimo! I know you are excited too, but why Rimo3? 

Andy: You’re right Mike, I am excited to be joining Rimo3 to help accelerate the growth of the company. I see a fast-paced start-up with deep expertise and decades of experience around application management and transformation. You’ve built a multi-faceted technology that solves real-world problems associated with moving and managing applications in the cloud. From the outset, I was attracted to the company's strong vision and success as an innovator, and I am looking forward to helping Rimo3 further scale the business.

How does your experience align with our business vision and market expansion plans? 

At FSLogix, our goal was to enable the enterprise cloud workspace. When I joined in 2015, we had less than a dozen customers. Our founders built some outstanding technology, and we built a great team that executed flawlessly around the globe, allowing us to grow to over 1200 customers by the fall of 2018. This success is what led to our acquisition by Microsoft in November of 2018. During these last six years, I’ve spent considerable time with partners and customers wanting to digitally transform their business by moving their operations to the cloud. We’ll be promoting Rimo3 to these same customers and partners around the globe.

These past two years have been challenging with CV19 and more than usual home working. When you’re are not busy with work, how do you spend your time? I heard you’re a golf lover. 

I do love to play golf when time permits! My wife and I are also lovers of the cinema. We’ll see most new movies as soon as they come out – and we make sure we have a very large tub of hot, buttered popcorn to complete the experience.


Andy is a great addition, and we feel lucky to have him join the Rimo3 team. His expertise, domain knowledge & connections in the space are hard to come. Andy will take responsibility for sales, partnerships & alliances worldwide with the support of our existing teams. It’s a very exciting time for Rimo3 as companies plan their path to the modern workspace and understanding if and how their applications will work, prior to making that decision is a huge cost saving for failures further down the migration path, Andy understands that challenge as we move to the digital world and is excited about Rimo3’s vision and executing on that.

Mike Welling, President & CEOat Rimo3

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