28 Feb 2022

It’s Official! Rimo3 has achieved Microsoft IP Co-Sell Status!

It’s Official! Rimo3 has achieved Microsoft IP Co-Sell Status!

Rimo3 is now Microsoft IP Co-Sell approved. In addition, Rimo3 is a part of Microsoft Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) and the Solution Assessment Program.

  • Microsoft direct sellers are incentivized to collaborate with Rimo3
  • Rimo3 provides predeployment testing for Azure Virtual Desktop migrations
  • For more information contact info@rimo3.com or fill out the contact form

I am excited to share that Rimo3 has achieved Microsoft IP Co-Sell status! This is a huge achievement for our company as it allows us to engage at a much more strategic level with Microsoft sellers than ever before. For those that are not familiar with it, Microsoft’s IP Co-Sell Program, launched in 2017, enables Microsoft and its partners to provide comprehensive solutions in a collaborative, better-together selling model to drive joint sales, revenue, and mutual customer success. Microsoft defines co-sell as “any collaborative engagement between Microsoft and the partner ecosystem, including building demand, sales planning, sharing sales leads, accelerating partner-to-partner empowered selling, and delivering marketplace-led commerce for customer digital transformation”. The program is delivering strongly on its goal, with over $15B in Partner annual contract value. More program statistics are summarized in Microsoft’s FY21 Co-sell Playbook.

With success like this, you can imagine that many ISVs would want this sort of engagement from Microsoft, so the company developed a tiered system with certain criteria needing to be met to determine the level of engagement with Microsoft.

For a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Rimo3, this meant that to achieve IP Co-Sell status, we need to first create a transactable offer on Azure Marketplace, i.e., an offer that allows customers to easily purchase Rimo3 and begin using the platform. After completing our listing, Rimo3 is now available on Azure Marketplace, in over 140 countries. Secondly, we had to pass a rigorous technical evaluation by Microsoft that involved looking at the solution to determine that >50% of repeatable IP code was built on Azure. Finally, we needed to surpass $100K in billed revenue in Azure Marketplace.

Customers are seeing strong value in Rimo3 and already purchasing the offer on Azure Marketplace, allowing us to quickly exceed the revenue threshold for IP Co-Sell in only a few short months from getting our offer listed. These customers want to know exactly how their applications will run on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), which of those applications can be easily modernized (converted to MSIX), and whether they will run in a multi-session environment - before they start their migration. This is exactly the kind of Actionable Intelligence provided by the Rimo3 platform. Microsoft sellers recognize that by having these insights up front, customers can move more quickly to AVD (and likely move more applications), thereby generating more ACR (Azure Consumed Revenue). It's a win-win for customers, who save countless hours by not having to manually test each-and-every application, and for Microsoft by getting those applications into AVD and knowing that they will perform as expected.

We’re looking forward to developing a deeper joint marketing plan with our Partner Development Manager (PDM) – another perk that comes with IP Co-Sell status – and leveraging the additional marketing benefits that come with the program. We’re also looking forward to working more closely with the Microsoft field now that we are “Co-sell Incentive Eligible,” which is where Microsoft direct sellers are incentivized to collaborate with partners like Rimo3. Being selected to participate in the Microsoft Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) – thanks @Alexis Slater – and the Solution Assessment Program – thanks @Shamik Das Chowdhury – has certainly helped raise the visibility of Rimo3 within the Microsoft community.

Our mission at Rimo3 is to provide the simplest to use, most comprehensive, automation platform for predeployment testing for any Windows environment. IP Co-Sell is a new milestone helping our solution support Microsoft sellers, partners, and organizations in their replatforming journey with workspace modernization.


Eddie Powell
Vice President, Global Alliances, Rimo3

Eddie has spent over 25 years in sales and business development in the tech industry. He started his career in sales and sales management at AT&T before working in South America building indirect channels for Lucent Technologies. He spent six years at Citrix in strategic alliances before turning his sights to working with early-stage start-ups and tech incubators. He most recently spent time in the financial services industry while at Microsoft and mobile banking application startup, Kony, which was acquired by Temenos.

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