21 Jan 2021

Rimo3 to Expand North America Reach and Operations

Rimo3 to Expand North America Reach and Operations



  • Rimo3 launch their Rimo3 Cloud platform in North America, operational from January 2021.
  • Rimo3 Cloud is the Application Modernization platform designed for Virtual Desktop adoption, working with an eco-system of partners: Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, and more.
  • The automated intelligent platform can rapidly assess, migrate, modernize, and manage applications at scale, and allow enterprises to intelligently test and understand any application workload regardless of its operating infrastructure and environment.
  • Rimo3 Cloud allows enterprises to proactively deploy and modernize applications with confidence and provide a guaranteed end-user experience while helping partners maintain customer retention and provide recurring revenue.

Desktop Virtualization for the modern workforce will provide an end-user compute experience for its customers, unlike anything we have previously seen in the market. But first, Enterprises must modernize their applications, and Rimo3 has the technology to simplify the process. One easy to use, scalable platform to assess, migrate, modernize, and manage applications with no manual effort.

Samit Halvadia, CTO at Rimo3


Rimo Capital Inc. (US trading arm of Rimo3) today officially launched their Automated Application Modernization Platform, Rimo3 Cloud into the North American market.

Designed to accelerate Virtual Desktop migration and adoption, Rimo3 Cloud modernizes applications automatically and at scale, and provides data-driven results to support a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere.

The Rimo3 Cloud Platform provides an intelligent end to end process that will assess, migrate, modernize, and manage an application estate regardless of its operating location and environment (physical, virtual, or cloud-based).

Rimo3 Capital's expansion across North America demonstrates the exponential growth of the VDI/DaaS market and the aspirations of Rimo3 building on their UK success and developing into a genuinely global ISV. Strategic partnerships with Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix will continue to be pivotal while focusing on building more localized partners and direct customers.

The expansion into North America is an exciting opportunity for Rimo3 Cloud to demonstrate the tangible benefits that our intelligent modernization platform can deliver, for both our strategic partners and direct customers. Our platform provides a real game-changer, an automated replacement to the traditional manual packaging approach. It is one that will allow enterprises of all sizes to accelerate their journey to a more virtualized workspace.

Eric Serno, VP Business Development at Rimo3

Rimo3 Cloud is an intelligent platform designed to address the challenge of adopting and implementing desktop virtualization, by removing the complexity associated with packaging and conversion and providing an automated platform to modernize any combination or type of application estate.

The platform automatically assesses and tests the application portfolio, providing early foresight on compatibility, performance, and functionality on whether an application will work across the physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces. Where necessary, suitable applications are then modernized to a new format such as MSIX / App Attach before migration across all desktop and server platforms and ongoing management.

Remove the complexity with modern application delivery and management for Windows Virtual Desktop and other technologies by using Rimo3 Clouds' fully automated Application Modernization Platform. It provides accurate, data-driven outcomes for improving your application suitability, transformation, and management, and much more.

Mike Welling, President & CEO at Rimo3

Rimo3 Cloud was recently utilized by a market leader in enterprise application software who needed a solution to modernize their large and complex application estate, adopt MSIX adoption at scale, and migrate and successfully implement Windows Virtual Desktop.  

Collaborating with Microsoft, Rimo3 Cloud helped the enterprise onboard applications onto Windows Virtual Desktop while proactively monitoring the impact – automatically, unattended, and at scale – supporting them to transform, manage and optimize the Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure journey.

Within the customer two-week deployment window, Rimo3 onboarded 114 packages, identified 61 packages as unsuitable for conversion, successfully converted 41 of the remaining 53 packages, and achieved an 78% conversation and a remediation rate automated process taking just 18 minutes per application.

Rimo3's Application Modernization platform quickly and automatically enabled MSIX conversion at scale to the applications in an SCCM environment. It accelerated the Windows Virtual Desktop experience and MSIX transformation, allowing the enterprise to take full advantage of the native Microsoft technology stack and deploying applications through Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune).

Our customers are increasingly turning to Windows Virtual Desktop as they shift to remote work environments. With solutions like Rimo3's application modernization platform, organizations can easily onboard applications into their environments, proactively understand the impact of changes, and roll out new applications and updates with minimal user interruptions."

Kam VedBrat, General Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop at Microsoft



Rimo3 Cloud delivers a new, user-friendly approach across our automated testing platform with application suitability, modernization, and management features, and more. We are now supporting a smooth application modernization experience enabling Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix Partners to increase services revenue and remain ahead of the competition.


We help businesses modernize and manage applications for Windows Virtual Desktop and more. Remove the complexity with modern application delivery and management for Windows Virtual Desktop and other VDI technologies (VMware Workspace ONE, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Amazon Workspaces, legacy VDI environments, etc) using the fully automated platform, we call, Rimo3 Cloud. It provides accurate, data-driven outcomes for improving your application suitability, transformation, and management.


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