What's the difference between Rimo3 & App-DNA?

As the founder & CEO of App-DNA & Rimo3, we often get asked over here what is, if any, the difference between them both? Well, I thought I might be[.]

Today and Tomorrow - AppManagEvent

With Rimo3 launching their new website and messaging based on customer and partner feedback, this AppManagEvent was the perfect opportunity to get[.]

Speed Windows 10, Azure Virtual Desktop Application Deployment Paths

Determine application deployment paths across physical, virtual or cloud workspaces with the new Rimo3 Application Analysis Jumpstart report.[.]


What is this MSIX packaging? Any good?

For a long time, the benefits of packaging have shown a lot of value. As an example, just walk through the supermarket: All goods are packaged, except the fresh items you hand pick, some of them may be in bags, but they have been delivered packaged. So, the purpose of packaging is to protect the product, keeps it from going bad, decreases costs, informs, simplifies distribution, and many other benefits.