18 Apr 2023

The Role of a Field CTO: Solving Customer Challenges with Technical Solutions

The Role of a Field CTO: Solving Customer Challenges with Technical Solutions

If you are like me, you spend your days trying to solve customer challenges with technical solutions. All my focus is on supporting customers and partners with application analysis, and the mass migrations to cloud workspace computing. I wouldn’t have it any other way, however, it does get quite complex. The first common approach to a challenge is to start by throwing software at the problem for a magic fix. And though software will ultimately be a key contributing factor to successfully overcoming said challenge there is more to unpack.

People & Process. Recently I had an amazing opportunity to attend and participate in the EUC Masters Retreat hosted by Thin Client computing. At this UN-conference, it was a collection of the EUC community brain trusts, collaborating and brainstorming all things EUC. Countless software solutions, ideas, concepts, innovative tech was discussed, and the key take away in the sessions (around apps) I participated in was no matter what the software solution is, people and process is what lets the software solution shine and drive business value. This was near and dear to me from my time at AppDNA where similarly we were focused on the app problem at that time in the market. Since those days the velocity and frequency of change has increased exponentially. Double click into apps specifically and you will find application assessment, modernization and delivery are no exception. This change brings overarching complexity. Take all these ingredients and you have a recipe for complex challenges. What is the ideal path forward? My years of experience in the app space points towards Automation.

Leveraging automation maximizes people and process efficiency. Unburdening the people by removing the manual time-consuming tasks that they do not want to do in the first place yet must get done. The process starts with the people, regardless of if it’s built on best practice framework or created from scratch. Eliminating manual human efforts enhances the process by strengthening the collaboration and focus required to continuously improve.

Why am I Writing about this? I recently was given an amazing opportunity through promotion to Field CTO of North America at Rimo3, and with the new role comes new responsibilities and a shift in the day-to-day. The reason I accepted without hesitation, is first, Rimo3’s technology is innovative, one of a kind and addresses a critical gap in the market as it relates to application management, but now it allows for me to be hyper focused with enhancing the people & processes through Rimo3’s automated technology.

I will break it down with an example from the world I live in. Application testing and modernization. Both traditionally require manual and tedious efforts, now scale that to 1,000s of apps that need to be migrated from point A to point B and maintained once they get there. Sure, automation is the easy answer, but there is not an easy button. There needs to be a starting point, and that starting point is automating data driven results to make informed decisions to best navigate through the complex manual nature of apps. From there an app deployment strategy is born, delivered, operationalized, and maintained.

As the Field CTO, I am driven by my passion and mission to educate customers and partners on Rimo3's technology, introducing automation at multiple touchpoints, and helping solve the "app challenge" to optimize IT. This, in turn, brings organizations closer to achieving their enterprise mission, which is a highly rewarding experience.

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