09 Dec 2020

What is the Azure recurring revenue opportunity for Partners?

What is the Azure recurring revenue opportunity for Partners?

Rimo3 are seeing VDI at a whole new level as it eliminates the past technical limitations with technology from Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix. They all offer measurable benefits and outcomes for businesses, such as the ability to remote work, address replacement of ageing hardware and costs, data center constraint and regulatory requirements, cost-effective, on-demand scaling for seasonal workers more. 

Partners in the  MicrosoftVMware, and  Citrix ecosystem who provide a managed service for customers needing to work remotely and deliver the future workplace have a  generation opportunity to enhance profitability, growth, and service differentiation with VDI solutions like Windows Virtual Desktop and more.

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More Info: Part 4 – The Azure Recurring Revenue (ARR) Opportunity For Partners. For service providers today, recurring revenue and customer retention are crucial. We want to retain customers and maintain trust, but one-time migration revenue is hard to replace frequently. Mike Welling, Rimo3’s President & CEO, explains how Windows Virtual Desktop will provide an end-user compute experience unlike anyone on the market. And, how with automating the end-to-end application onboarding process with the Rimo3 Platform, Partners can drive value with new service opportunities, competitive advantage and revenue streams.

Migration to Windows Virtual Desktop is part of the journey, and it doesn’t stop once you’re finally there. With the new regular cumulative updates for Windows 10, big bang desktop migration has gone away and now replaced with a more frequent need to test and update the desktop and applications.

Rimo3 help partners create value and speed up during planning and migration, AND we also provide the platform to manage this environment on and on-going basis.

Mike Welling, Rimo3 President & CEO

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