09 Feb 2021

Press Release: Rimo3 secures Series A Funding to support global growth

Press Release: Rimo3 secures Series A Funding to support global growth


  • Rimo3 announce closing of Series A Funding to support their global growth and expansion ambition. 
  • Funding will drive Rimo3’s US and EMEA expansion in the Window Virtual Desktop market, enabling more business on their journey to virtualization through intelligent automation. 
  • The Rimo3 Cloud platform will continue to be developed to include new and emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies 
  • Lead investor and entrepreneur Lance Lazarus will actively work alongside Rimo3. 

It’s an exciting time for Rimo3 with increased market focus around WVD combined with our recent support from our investors. This funding will ensure that we are able to continue with further development of our intelligent testing platform and fulfil our expansion ambitions.

Mike Welling, President & CEO at Rimo3

Rimo3 today announced that they had secured series A funding, the second stage of financing, to further support their global growth and expansion ambitions. 

The investors, led by original seed investor Lance Lazarus, will provide the required funding to take Rimo3 and the Rimo3 Cloud Platform to the next level.

I’ve seen first-hand in the last 18 months how the Rimo3 leadership team have flawlessly executed their vision and plan as the market opportunity for desktop virtualization has expanded and evolved.

Lance Lazarus, Lead Investor

This next level of funding will drive Rimo3’s US and EMEA expansion in the Windows Virtual Desktop and broader VDI market, enabling more business on their journey to virtualization through intelligent automation. 

As a successful investor and entrepreneur with over 30 years plus experience in investing in businesses and developing them, the combination of this market opportunity and the strength of the Rimo3 team felt like the stars had aligned so I was happy to take the lead on this round of funding.

Lance Lazarus, Lead Investor

The Rimo3 Cloud Platform will help Enterprises and Partners to accelerate Virtual Desktop migration and adoption by modernizing applications automatically and at scale, and providing data driven results to support a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere.  

Users will have the benefit of proactively knowing, pre-deployment that multiple users can concurrently use the same application, providing peace of mind and in turn reduce overhead and licensing costs. 

As the hype around desktop virtualization for the masses heightens, driven primarily by the introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop from Microsoft, being able to intelligently test and modernize an application estate automatically and at scale with the Rimo3 Cloud Platform has never been more prevalent. This funding will allow Rimo3 to reach its full potential and I’m extremely excited about what the next chapter looks like for us.

Mike Welling, President & CEO at Rimo3

The funding will support developments to the Rimo3 Cloud Platform, integrating new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence which will bring a new level of capability to the platform.  



Rimo3 Cloud delivers a new, user-friendly approach across our automated testing platform with application suitability, modernization, and management features, and more. We are now supporting a smooth application modernization experience enabling Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix Partners to increase services revenue and remain ahead of the competition.  

Rimo3 Cloud is a founding member of the MSIX TAP Program. It transforms existing applications for a secure and compliant Windows Virtual Desktop experience. It will quickly modernize Windows applications to MSIX, manage an effective deployment into Windows Virtual Desktop, and stay on top of continuous change and updates in Windows Virtual Desktop.  


Rimo3 is an automated Application Modernization Platform. It's easy to use, scalable, and cloud-based accelerating the adoption of application workloads in Azure by rapidly determining the suitability and modernizing them. Visit rimo3.com for more information >


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