06 Nov 2023

Rimo3 Welcomes New CFO/COO, Francesca Lancer, to Leadership Team

Rimo3 Welcomes New CFO/COO, Francesca Lancer, to Leadership Team

I started my career in big eight accounting in NYC. The dot.com bubble called me to California in 1999 and I have lived the start-up life ever since.  

With an IPO, two great exits, and a less than ideal sale back to the founder, I have gained some valuable insight into what to do when building a business. Just as important, I learned what NOT to do. I look forward to applying that knowledge here at Rimo3.  

“Simplification means clearing away the clutter and reducing the complexity so that your people can focus on getting the right things done.”  

- Francesca Lancer, CFO/COO of Rimo3 

This is my mantra for work and life. 

Why Rimo3? 

I pick companies based on their teams. I look for passionate, intelligent, genuine, and humble people. I also look for a team that’s having fun while riding the start-up rollercoaster. When I find the right team AND the right technology, I know I’m home.  

The Rimo3 technology addresses a real industry need in an elegant and simple way. The industry is finally demanding Enterprises stay current with their technology to avoid cyber exploitation. Because of this demand, I feel Rimo3 is the answer. It just makes sense to bring technology to a table historically surrounded by hundreds of bodies doing endless manual testing.  

How Does Your Experience Align with Rimo3’s Aspirations? 

While I’ve worked in different sized organizations throughout my career, my passion is scaling from the ground up. I love building a company that can outmaneuver and outperform big behemoths until said behemoths admit defeat.  

It is especially rewarding when a large organization realizes that a small group of talented and focused individuals was able to produce something their deep pockets and huge teams simply couldn’t. Companies have attempted to copy what Rimo3 has built. These would-be competitors eventually recognize the simplicity Rimo3 brings to the solution and masks the complexity of the underlying issue it is solving. I believe that is the power of the Rimo3 platform and the reason so many choose to partner with us.  

“I am so very excited to welcome, not only our first female to the leadership team, but someone of Francesca’s caliber. Having worked in many software businesses, from big to small, and understanding the start-up world I cannot wait to learn from her and her experiences. As Rimo3 grows, as do our aspirations. We need proper checks, balances, processes, and governance in place to help us succeed and Francesca brings so much of that in abundance. Plus, she’s just a great human being.” 

- Mike Welling, CEO of Rimo3 

What Do You Do in Your Free Time?  

Free time is an interesting concept that completely goes out the window when you have young kids. As a family, we love traveling, riding dirt bikes at our cabin, gardening, leading Cub Scouts, and game nights with friends. 

Francesca Lancer - COO and CFO of Rimo3


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