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The MSIX Conundrum

For readers who do not know, two years ago Microsoft launched MSIX – a highly secure feature-packed, and useful new packaging format for application delivery. MSIX is a very promising and very powerful application delivery format, far more secure and reliable than previous delivery platforms.

Rimo3 Cloud in 26 cities

A little over 2 years ago we deployed the first GA release of Rimo3 Cloud, and to add a bit of interest both internally and externally we chose to[.]

Why Organizations are Adopting Modern Packaging Formats and How Automation Helps

At Rimo3 we’re continuing to see the increasing trend toward the adoption of modern packaging formats like MSIX and VMware App Volumes.[.]


Can I? Should I? Will it work? A 3-ingredient recipe for application success

Rimo3 has created an automated testing platform that focuses on the application experience.