23 Sep 2020

Can I? Should I? Will it work? A 3-ingredient recipe for application success

Can I? Should I? Will it work? A 3-ingredient recipe for application success

Now, more than ever, organizations are focusing on user experience. As cutting-edge companies try to attract and retain the top talent in the next generation of workforce, having a flexible and fantastic user experience (ranging from devices to favorite applications) is almost seen as a fundamental human right (insert eye roll here). And don’t forget that application compatibility testing just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Rimo3 has created an automated testing platform that focuses on the application experience. When you apply the principles of design thinking and value engineering to application testing, here are the top three questions to answer:

  • Can the user install the application? Can I install it?
  • Can the user use it the way that they want to? Should I install it?
  • Can the user do their job? Will it work?

For a user-first lens on application testing, you need information about compatibility, performance, and functionality.

Watch Samit Halvadia, CTO Rimo3 demo the recipe for pre-deployment testing success >

The upcoming Rimo3 June Release will round out the trifecta by incorporating automated application performance step testing to capture metrics such as CPU, memory, disk, network, and GPU to answer the fundamental question: SHOULD I install this application on the new platform? 

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