02 Mar 2021

Rimo3 launches major Platform Enhancement for Windows 10 multi-session Testing

Rimo3 launches major Platform Enhancement for Windows 10 multi-session Testing


  • Rimo3 launches a major new feature within their  Rimo3 Cloud platform for Windows 10 multi-session testing functionality – available mid-March.
  • Rimo3 Cloud is the definitive Application Modernization platform designed for Windows Virtual Desktop migration and adoption. 
  • The automated intelligent platform can rapidly assess, modernize, migrate and manage applications at scale, and allows enterprises to automate testing and understand any application workload regardless of its operating infrastructure and environment.    
  • Rimo3 Cloud allows enterprises and partners to proactively test and deploy applications to ensure a great concurrent user experience. 

Rimo3 Cloud is the only fully automated Windows Virtual Desktop application migration solution. This intelligent testing platform will replace existing long and complex migration cycles with proactive, unattended, end to end automated functionality – a real must for anyone migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop with a desire for multi-session testing and compute cost savings.” Mike Welling, President & CEO Rimo3

Mike Welling, President & CEO at Rimo3


Rimo3 today launches a major new enhancement for Rimo3’s automated application modernization platform: Windows 10 multi-session testing functionality. 

Designed within Rimo3 Cloud to enable Enterprises and Partners with their application assessment and planning journey, from end-to-end migration to Windows Virtual Desktop. Existing applications are taken through an automated modernization process to the new MSIX format, intelligently assessing and testing to provide intelligence on whether the application is multi-session friendly and capable, pre-deployment.

Our customers are increasingly turning to Windows Virtual Desktop as they shift to remote work environments. With solutions like Rimo3 Cloud’s application modernization platform, organizations can easily onboard applications into their environments, proactively understand the impact of changes, and roll out new applications and updates with minimal user interruptions.

Kam VedBrat, General Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop at Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10 multi-session delivers a unique feature, in that multiple users can concurrently use the same application. Being able to take advantage of this multi-session capability on a Windows desktop rather than a server-based operating system, enables VDI to the masses.  

We’re so excited by the introduction of this new functionality into the platform. We took the same approach for multi-session testing as we had for every other function in the Rimo3 Cloud Platform – that is must deliver automation at scale, run unattended and provide intelligent testing.  This information allows customers and partners to deploy with confidence.”

Samit Halvadia CTO at Rimo3

This is a major platform enhancement for Rimo3 Cloud that will accelerate Virtual Desktop migration by driving adoption of these benefits through automated modernization of applications, at scale, and providing data-driven results to support a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere. Users will have the benefit of proactively knowing pre-deployment that multiple users can concurrently use the same application, providing peace of mind and in turn reduce overhead and licensing costs.



Rimo3 Cloud delivers a new, user-friendly approach across our automated testing platform with application suitability, modernization, and management features, and more. We are now supporting a smooth application modernization experience enabling Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix Partners to increase services revenue and remain ahead of the competition.  

Rimo3 Cloud is a founding member of the MSIX TAP Program. It transforms existing applications for a secure and compliant Windows Virtual Desktop experience. It will quickly modernize Windows applications to MSIX, manage an effective deployment into Windows Virtual Desktop, and stay on top of continuous change and updates in Windows Virtual Desktop.  


Rimo3 is an automated Application Modernization Platform. It's easy to use, scalable, and cloud-based accelerating the adoption of application workloads in Azure by rapidly determining the suitability and modernizing them. It's through this automated process that we can help drive Windows Virtual Desktop adoption at scale. Visit  rimo3.com for more information.


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