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VDI Security & Compliance, Why it Matters.

The speed of technology and movement in the world of VDI is growing faster and faster, and more users are switching or migrating to a VDI (Virtual[.]

It’s Official! Rimo3 has achieved Microsoft IP Co-Sell Status!

Rimo3 is now Microsoft IP Co-Sell approved. In addition, Rimo3 is a part of Microsoft Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) and the[.]


How do you turn WVD into an effective managed service?

Samit Halvadia explains how, through planning, migrating, learning, automation, and optimization, businesses can move from one-time revenue into an effective managed service.

What is the Azure recurring revenue opportunity for Partners?

Mike Welling answers the question: 'Yes, Microsoft partners are working on customer migrations to WVD, but how do you maintain that customer post-migration?'

How to modernize VDI & support your remote workforce

Samit Halvadia on how to modernize VDI to keep up with the needs of your remote workforce with Rimo3 Cloud.

What is MSIX? App Attach? How does automation help?

Samit Halvadia discusses how Microsoft WVD represents the first time cloud-based VDI is available to the masses and how to obtain its benefits through four steps.

Why Windows Virtual Desktop for Partners is an opportunity too big to miss

Mike Welling on why Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix Partners have a generation opportunity to enhance profitability and service differentiation with WVD.

How Partners will simplify the transformation process with automation

WVD will provide a great end-user compute experience. But first, customers need modern applications. Find out how Rimo3 helps Partners transform, move, and manage customers’ cloud environments with automation.

Appceler8 to partner with Rimo3 for Cloud Platform

Appceler8 customers will have direct access to Rimo3 Cloud (launching October 2020) providing deployment ready MSIX packages for physical, virtual, or cloud-based workspaces.

XenTegra to partner with Rimo3 for Cloud Platform

XenTegra educates customers on Microsoft, Citrix, and more to make ‘end-user computing’ environments accessible from anywhere. Customers will have direct access to Rimo3 Cloud to move to WVD.

Wait, what does my WVD journey look like?

CTO Samit Halvadia breaks down the 3 major milestones on the customer journey to Windows Virtual Desktop with an application-centric lens.