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The MSIX Conundrum

For readers who do not know, two years ago Microsoft launched MSIX – a highly secure feature-packed, and useful new packaging format for application delivery. MSIX is a very promising and very powerful application delivery format, far more secure and reliable than previous delivery platforms.

Rimo3 Cloud in 26 cities

A little over 2 years ago we deployed the first GA release of Rimo3 Cloud, and to add a bit of interest both internally and externally we chose to[.]

Why Organizations are Adopting Modern Packaging Formats and How Automation Helps

At Rimo3 we’re continuing to see the increasing trend toward the adoption of modern packaging formats like MSIX and VMware App Volumes.[.]


Rimo3 added to Microsoft’s Azure Migration & Modernization Program (AMMP)

Rimo3 is excited to announce that they have been officially added to Microsoft’s Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) to help customers speed the adoption from physical desktops to Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD).

XenTegra & Rimo3 support application delivery for US market

Eric Serno, Rimo3 VP Business Development, and Mark Henderson, XenTegra Chief Client ...

Rimo3 to Expand North America Reach and Operations

FOR RELEASE JANUARY 2021   KEY TAKEAWAYS Rimo3 launch their Rimo3 Cloud platform in North America

How do you turn WVD into an effective managed service?

Samit Halvadia explains how, through planning, migrating, learning, automation, and optimization, businesses can move from one-time revenue into an effective managed service.

What is the Azure recurring revenue opportunity for Partners?

Mike Welling answers the question: 'Yes, Microsoft partners are working on customer migrations to WVD, but how do you maintain that customer post-migration?'

How to modernize VDI & support your remote workforce

Samit Halvadia on how to modernize VDI to keep up with the needs of your remote workforce with Rimo3 Cloud.

What is MSIX? App Attach? How does automation help?

Samit Halvadia discusses how Microsoft WVD represents the first time cloud-based VDI is available to the masses and how to obtain its benefits through four steps.

Why Windows Virtual Desktop for Partners is an opportunity too big to miss

Mike Welling on why Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix Partners have a generation opportunity to enhance profitability and service differentiation with WVD.

How Partners will simplify the transformation process with automation

WVD will provide a great end-user compute experience. But first, customers need modern applications. Find out how Rimo3 helps Partners transform, move, and manage customers’ cloud environments with automation.