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Why Organizations are Adopting Modern Packaging Formats and How Automation Helps

At Rimo3 we’re continuing to see the increasing trend toward the adoption of modern packaging formats like MSIX and VMware App Volumes.[.]

Rimo3 Supports CUGC Women in Technology

It’s one thing to say that you support women in technology; but more urgent action is required for real change

Another “World’s First” at Rimo3: Automated SCCM to Intune Package Modernization and Migration

It has been a huge time for us here at Rimo3. We’ve released the biggest update to our platform in quite some time; exporting from SCCM to Intune or[.]


Launching November: The Application Modernization Platform

“Windows Virtual Desktop will provide an end-user compute experience for its customers, unlike ...

Appceler8 to partner with Rimo3 for Cloud Platform

Appceler8 customers will have direct access to Rimo3 Cloud (launching October 2020) providing deployment ready MSIX packages for physical, virtual, or cloud-based workspaces.

XenTegra to partner with Rimo3 for Cloud Platform

XenTegra educates customers on Microsoft, Citrix, and more to make ‘end-user computing’ environments accessible from anywhere. Customers will have direct access to Rimo3 Cloud to move to WVD.

Wait, what does my WVD journey look like?

CTO Samit Halvadia breaks down the 3 major milestones on the customer journey to Windows Virtual Desktop with an application-centric lens.

Rimo3 to accelerate Windows 10 deployment & management

Rimo3 integration with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop will enhance user experience, reduce costly migration mistakes, and address security and compliance requirements.

Is your team ready for the next era of app delivery?

CEO Mike Welling explains how the next era of application delivery will enable teams to have/or manage an amazing experience with VDI and Windows 10 continuiously.

Three ways to improve your application testing experience

With everything going on around us right now, I would take a moment to share some of my lighter observations around human behavior in a time of crisis.

Can I? Should I? Will it work? A 3-ingredient recipe for application success

Rimo3 has created an automated testing platform that focuses on the application experience.

How to complete the testing puzzle

People, well IT people, often talk about the compatibility of applications, and it strikes me that everyone has a slightly different take on it or approach it with a product that only covers some of the puzzle.